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5 Things to Look for When Choosing a Makeup Artist

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Finding a makeup artist can be an overwhelming process, especially when choosing one for wedding or bridal makeup. Here are a couple tips and tricks to help you narrow down your makeup artist choices.

1) Define what type of makeup look you're looking for. Do you want full coverage, full beat, heavy glam, or something more natural, dewy, and minimal? The first question I ask my clients is how often they wear makeup. This question helps me understand my client's comfort level with makeup. Also, makeup artists all have their own expertise so it's important once you've found what type of makeup you'd like, to find an artist whose work aligns with your preference.

2) Ask the artist about their COVID-19 policies and procedures. Even during pre-covid, I have seen "professional makeup artists" NOT using disposables or practicing professional hygienic routines.

It's important now ,more than ever, to find out exactly what to expect when walking into your appointment. It's not worth risking your health over a makeup appointment. That is why I have full transparency and adherence to my COVID-19 policies. Make sure your artist is using clean brushes, disposables, makeup sanitized with 70% isopropyl alcohol, newly sharpened liners, and a stainless steel palette and spatula.

3) Check out their portfolio. You want to make sure that your artist has a diverse portfolio and has experience with similar skin complexion, skin type, and facial features as yourself. Many Asian Americans book me as their makeup artist because being Asian American myself, they trust I have expertise with almond shaped eyes, tapered eyelids, monolids, etc.

4) Ask yourself these questions. When looking at an artist's work 1) Does their client's foundation match their neck? 2) Do their photos look heavily edited or filtered? If a photo is heavily edited, you normally can't see skin pores. 3) Does their foundation look heavy, cakey, or dry? These questions will help you gauge how skilled an artist is or if they are not being transparent with their work.

5) Communication. Once you've started to reach out to different artists about availability, rates, or other inquiries, it's important to note their communication. If an artist is communicating in a professional and timely manner, it mostly likely reflects how they would present themself during your appointment. If someone takes a week to a month to get back to you, it might indicate your email is not a priority to them.

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