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Individual Lashes or Strip Lashes?

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is what is the difference between individual lashes and strip lashes? Keep on reading to learn more.

Let's begin with learning more about individual lashes.

There are many variations of individual lashes, but here are what they commonly look like:

Individual lashes are great for a couple reasons. They are super light so you can barely feel that they are on. They are great for enhancing your natural eyelashes by adding some volume or accentuation on the ends of your lashes. You can also create a custom eyelash shape with individual lashes. Also, if an individual lash comes off, it's not as easy to spot as if a strip lash were coming off. Since there are about 4-5 individual lashes on each eye, you can lose one without making a noticeable difference.

The downside of individual lashes is they can be difficult to apply on yourself because of how small they are. They are also a one-time use because it's tedious and difficult to clean each lash. They also take more time and effort to apply. If you're looking for a more bold and dramatic look, strip lashes would be more optimal.

Here is an example of two of my clients wearing individual lashes:

Let's move on to traditional strip eyelashes.

These are what strip eyelashes may look like:

With strip lashes, there are a lot of variations, anything from natural to super bold and dramatic. There are also different types of hair for eyelashes. One of the common hair types for false eyelashes is mink hair. I carry faux mink or synthetic lashes because I think they are just as superior as mink lashes, and no animals were harmed.

Strip lashes are great for making your eyes pop with extra definition and volume to your eyelashes. They add a bit more boldness and lift to your eyes. They're faster and easier to apply than individual lashes. Most strip lashes are also reusable. You can get 2-3 additional wears out of the eyelashes I provide. Here's a tutorial on how to clean your lashes in case you're curious.

The band of the lash is also very important to consider. The thicker the band, the stiffer and harder it may be to maneuver. I prefer a very thin and almost invisible band for an easy application and a more natural look.

The downside about strip lashes is they sometimes need to be trimmed based on your eye shape because they generally come "one size fits all." Also, through prolonged wear, the ends of the lash may come off and can be noticeable. I always advise carrying some lash glue around if you're wearing strip lashes for the day.

Here are examples of my clients wearing strip lashes:

I hope that helped explain the difference between individual lashes versus strip lashes. Which one will you be picking for your wedding day?

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