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What does it mean to be an Asian American makeup artist?

While I cater to all clients of different backgrounds, I receive the most inquiries from Asian American clients. The first and foremost reason is my extensive experience with Asian facial features including almond shaped eyes, flatter brow bones, hyperpigmentation, golden or olive undertones, monolids, lower and/or wider nose bridge, etc. (These features are by no means limited to Asians). Without experience and education of how to apply makeup on these facial features properly can result in makeup that doesn’t enhance the client’s natural features or may cause a lot of smudging around the eyes. I can’t tell you how many times clients have told me stories about how inexperienced makeup artists have messed up their makeup. As a professional makeup artist, it's so important to have experience with all demographics.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Houston Photography

The second reason why Asian American clients are interested in booking with me is cultural similarities. It’s obvious that not all Asian cultures are the same, but I do believe there’s a shared experience and upbringing throughout. The best way I can describe this is in examples:

  • Working out of the bride’s parents’ home because their tea ceremony will be hosted there

  • Knowing the aunties and the moms are probably going to tell me what they like and don’t like about their makeup very directly

  • Most likely receiving food to take home or eating food on the job

  • Taking off my shoes immediately when entering the household

  • Receiving tips in red envelopes

  • Having many family members hanging out in the room while the wedding party gets ready

  • A constant iPhone camera going off while the bride gets their makeup done

Photo courtesy of Lieb Photographic

Wedding vendors who may not be normalized to these experiences and behaviors might take things personally, be confused, or maybe even frustrated. Therefore, clients may take cultural background and experiences into consideration when choosing wedding vendors.

Being a part of the AAPI community matters and is something I take a lot of pride in. Joining this profession was never encouraged or supported by my traditionally-minded family until I was able to prove my talent and success. Overcoming that obstacle makes me very proud to be one of the few top Asian makeup artists in the DMV area.

If you're looking to book with me, I have early 2023 bookings available. Please inquire through my website, and I look forward to connecting with you.



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