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Should I Tip My Makeup Artist?

Clients should most definitely tip their makeup artist or any other service professional. If the artist did an adequate to excellent job, then the answer is YES. However, not all tips have to be of monetary value. This blog answers why you should tip your makeup artist, how much to tip, and what are other ways of showing appreciation.

First, let's get into why we should tip makeup artists.

As a makeup artist, what my clients see versus what I actually do, are two very different realities. From my client's perspective, I show up to their home, do a brief consultation, apply makeup, and leave. However, what the client does not see is the time I spend (45 min - 60 min) cleaning brushes and sanitizing my kit after every appointment. They also do not see the hours I spend restocking my kit, creating wedding schedules, tracking makeup expiration dates, emailing clients, working on unpaid shoots to build my portfolio, managing finances, taxes, maintaining a website, creating content for social media, writing contracts and invoices, coordinating additional artists, planning and executing travel routes, all while I also work a full-time 9-5 job in marketing.

From a client's perspective, it can be easy to overlook the behind the scenes work of being a makeup artist because they are not exposed to it. After all, it is my job to ensure that my clients have a smooth and seamless experience, with excellent service. However, to ensure I can create that experience, I put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into my business.

Therefore, when clients tip after an appointment (yes, even after a trial run), they're allowing me to keep a little more in my pocket after covering all of my expenses. Personally, I pour a lot of the profits from my appointments back into my business or paying other artists that assist me with larger bridal parties. I'm constantly asked by my peers and other wedding vendors why I don't raise my prices and the truth is I want to be in a price range that is still accessible for many people.

So now you must be thinking, how much should I tip my makeup artist if they did a great job?

The industry standard is about 18-25% depending on the occasion (one single application as compared to a whole bridal party). Just be sure to tip based off the total amount, so the deposit plus the amount you paid on your appointment.

Last but not least, here are some non-monetary ways of expressing gratitude to your makeup artist.

Leave a positive review. Reviews are so helpful for makeup artists. They create credibility and help bring more clients to my business. It's also just a huge compliment to me and makes me feel happy!

Refer a friend or family member. Know someone getting engaged soon or looking for a makeup artist, refer them to your amazing makeup artist. Referrals are still a very strong marketing tool and continue to grow many small businesses.

Engage with them on social media. I love when my clients tag me in their photos, follow me on my social media platforms, and interact with my content. These all bring more visibility to my business and promote my services to a wider audience.

I hope these tips (get it?!) are helpful and provide a different perspective on the daily life of a makeup artist!

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